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With science and technology to create "quality bus", this year target of 3000

2017-09-28 17:08:50 ZTE SMART AUTO Website

March 30, the company executive vice president Tian Feng accepted the Southern Metropolis Daily, Zhuhai TV, Zhuhai SAR, Pearl River Evening News and other media reporters. "As one of the world's leading integrated communications solutions providers, ZTE will use its own advantages to provide intellectual support for the development of advanced manufacturing in Zhuhai," said Tian Feng, "Zhuhai is about to celebrate Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. ZTE intelligent car will use the advanced technology to help the bus companies around the city to create 'quality bus', this year ZTE smart car production and sales of 3,000 targets.

The following content from the Southern Metropolis Daily, Zhuhai Special Zone, etc. reported content:


ZTE smart car Jinwan made this year's production capacity of three thousand

(Hereinafter referred to as "ZTE car") construction is in full swing in the next year, will be officially put into use in June next year. By then, ZTE smart car will lead the new energy auto industry chain in China, the new pattern, Golden Bay will also be expected to become the country's largest new energy vehicle production base.

A target of three thousand this year

With "dark night sneak" to describe the ZTE car, the most appropriate. Last year in July, ZTE Corporation "accidentally" to come up with a big move, its wholly-owned subsidiary ZTE Intelligent Automobile Co., Ltd. settled in Zhuhai Golden Bay news, and instantly become a hot topic of detonating the country.

Today, the project is located in the Dingjiawan South 1200 acres of the site, the base construction is doing in full swing. According to ZTE intelligent car related person in charge, from last year, ZTE completed the strategic acquisition of Zhuhai City Guangtong Bus Co., Ltd. and successfully registered ZTE Intelligent Automobile Co., Ltd., ZTE has been using the original Guanghua Bus Co., Ltd. production base production pure Electric bus 204, and delivered to Shenzhen Western Bus Company Limited.

Southern reporter was informed that this is ZTE smart car history, the first batch of bus orders, and from Jinlong, BYD and other new energy vehicles leading enterprises to bid on the same side, ZTE smart car usher in the first victory. "This year our goal is 3000." The person in charge said that to be completed in June next year, a base construction and put into operation, ZTE smart car will be able to form an annual production of 10,000 new energy vehicles, new energy commercial vehicles 20,000 The capacity of the vehicle.

B to build first-class R & D center

"R & D is the core competitiveness of enterprises." ZTE intelligent car related person in charge told the Southern Reporter, ZTE has always attached great importance to technology research and development, only 2016 R & D investment reached more than 130 billion yuan. In 2016, ZTE ranked 4121 international patent applications ranked first in the world, and from 2010 to 2016, ZTE has been ranked seventh in the world for seven consecutive years, and won three times, but also China The only consecutive 7 years won the award of the enterprise.

Not only that, as early as 2014, ZTE in the world's first to launch the world's leading new energy vehicle wireless charging technology. "5G mobile communications, large data, smart city, car wireless charging, etc., we have a unique inherent advantages, so ZTE smart car will also use these advantages, around the new energy vehicle research and development, design, production, and car networking applications , Large data, unmanned, cloud computing center systems and other areas to carry out research and development and construction of Zhuhai's manufacturing base into a world-class new energy automotive R & D center. "The responsible person.

C unmanned will be the first in the Pearl industry

In March this year, just ended 2017 Zhuhai and ZTE Corporation research and cooperation forum during the annual meeting, ZTE intelligent car related person in charge of the media interview, said ZTE will promote the wireless charging technology in Zhuhai as soon as possible to complete the industrialization, and strive to Zhuhai will be unmanned to build a national and even the world's leading industrial projects.

"Bus unmanned, will be one of our future research direction." The person in charge recently said, such as bus drivers in the future smart car can not only experience the 360-degree stereo, the system can also be based on navigation Maps and other automatic identification of congestion, and in the process of traffic jam can be achieved unmanned, and automatically maintain the distance with the car in order to reduce the driver's labor intensity.

In addition, due to the large weight of the bus itself, each start or brake will cause fuel consumption or power consumption and the greater loss of brake pads, and artificial intelligence through reasonable arrangements, intelligent cars can reduce the start energy consumption, reduce the rapid acceleration, Frequency, to achieve the purpose of reducing operating costs.

Part D product sales are aimed at overseas

In addition to the advantages of research and development in the field of intelligence, ZTE's global sales network will also enable ZTE smart cars have a higher starting point.

ZTE smart car will rely on ZTE's 107 branches around the world, more than 160 countries and regions of the market channels and the advantages of international brand influence, the future will be in Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong, etc. To expand the sales layout, which also means that the future of Zhuhai Jinwan ZTE intelligent car sold to the world is not just a dream.

ZTE smart car official said, ZTE smart car sales, will adhere to domestic and foreign markets simultaneously development strategy. "The current market conditions of the car is oversupply, so in the automotive sector must adhere to differentiated, such as lack of domestic energy, the market needs a lot of environmentally friendly electric vehicles, so the new energy bus will be mainly for the domestic market, and some countries overseas energy Consumption is mainly dependent on oil, so the export of these countries is based on fuel trucks. "Its name.

According to ZTE intelligent car related person in charge, ZTE smart car this year's goal is 3 0 0 0, to be completed in June next year, a base construction and put into operation, ZTE smart car will be able to form an annual production of new energy vehicles 10,000, New energy commercial vehicle 20,000 production capacity.

E government help solve planning problems

ZTE smart car can be settled in Zhuhai Golden Bay, and the government attaches great importance to not unrelated. Southern reporter was informed that the introduction of ZTE smart car settled, Zhuhai City, district leaders attach great importance to the introduction of many visits during the visit and consultation, and actively match the existing automobile production and Jinwan District enterprises and ZTE cooperation to Speed up the project settled, construction, production process.

After the formal completion of the project, China Merchants led the relevant departments in the ZTE project registration, project, environmental protection and other aspects of the opening of the green channel. Especially in the project land auction, that is, before the publicity process, involving planning, land, development and reform, environmental protection and city, district audit opinions, the project only 5 working days to complete all the approval procedures, On time to land the listing of publicity.

At the same time, ZTE encountered in the process of plant integration design in the land site related to land adjustment, planning road changes and other issues, to the Golden Bay District Government to consult a coordinated solution. The request received the attention of the Golden Bay District Government, and in accordance with the requirements of the project side, timely convening of the project coordination meeting, in a short time to complete the relevant procedures to ensure that the land transfer and project construction planning requirements.

In this regard, ZTE intelligent car responsible person also said that it is because of the efficiency and sincerity of government departments, so that ZTE intelligent car in the construction cycle did not have the slightest neglect, "in the completion of the soft foundation settlement project, in May this year we will Start piling construction, to the official production, only one year, this speed should be said very fast.

ZTE smart car also said that after the operation will be through the local government, universities, enterprises benign interaction, build smart car industry cluster, the Zhuhai smart car industry ecology do a good job. By then, Jinwan District will form a new energy vehicle manufacturing pattern, the effect of industrial agglomeration will also further enrich the relevant upstream and downstream industries supporting the future of Jinwan District, Zhuhai and even the new energy automotive industry prospects will be bright.


ZTE smart car project started piling in May this year

New energy field to open up intelligent path

Technology to create "quality bus"

Experience, is the technology into the market after the transcripts. So ZTE smart car will bring what kind of subversive experience? Tian Feng introduced, ZTE smart car will create a "quality bus", "goods" has three "mouth", that is, the mouth of the passenger, the driver's mouth and the mouth of the boss.

"ZTE smart car to let passengers pay attention to praise, because it is through a large data for reasonable operation, can reduce the waiting time, can accurately predict the arrival time, through the bus and the sensor between the site to accurately predict the distance and arrival time, through the 'cloud interaction APP 'will be real-time feedback to the passengers, passengers can easily know the waiting time on the phone. "Tian Feng introduced.

"Driver's mouth" is the most direct expression of driving experience. According to reports, the driver in the smart car will experience the 360-degree three-dimensional look around, the system will automatically resolve the congestion situation, in the process of traffic jam can achieve self-driving, and automatically maintain the distance from the car, in order to reduce the driver's labor intensity, and The car will also achieve full WIFI coverage.

"Boss of the mouth" is the effectiveness of transcripts. "Bus weight is very large, each start fuel consumption or power consumption is very large, each brake on the brake pads damage is also large, so the bus car damage and fuel consumption are difficult to reduce the cost." Tian Feng said, Through artificial intelligence reasonable arrangements, intelligent cars can reduce the start energy consumption, reduce the rapid acceleration, slow down the frequency, to achieve cost reduction, which is the operator is really real benefits.

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