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Construction of world-class R & D center, pushing unmanned driving

2017-09-28 17:03:33 ZTE SMART AUTO Website


Photo: Zhongxing Intelligent Automobile Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Tian received an interview

March 16, 2017 Zhuhai and ZTE Corporation, during the annual meeting, ZTE Intelligent Automobile Co., Ltd. Deputy General Tian Feng received Zhuhai radio and television stations, Zhuhai Special Zone Daily, Pearl River Evening News and other media reporters interview, ZTE intelligent car manufacturing Base construction has been in full swing, is expected to be completed in June next year put into operation. At the same time, ZTE's wireless charging, unmanned and other advanced technology, is expected to take the lead in the industrialization of Zhuhai.

The current ZTE Seminar Forum jointly organized with the Zhuhai Municipal Government, specially set up a smart car technology sub-forum, which with ZTE and Zhuhai cooperation are inseparable. Last year in July, ZTE intelligent car manufacturing and R & D base settled in Zhuhai. Project a target annual production of new energy vehicles 10,000, 20,000 new commercial vehicles, after production will become an important pole of Zhuhai modern high-end industry.


Zhuhai base full construction of the first order delivery at the end of the month

Founded in 1985, ZTE Corporation is a leading global provider of integrated communications solutions with 107 offices worldwide, including telecom operators and corporate customers in 164 countries and territories worldwide. In recent years, ZTE has shown a strong growth trend in emerging business, such as chip, government, enterprise, Internet, cloud computing, large data and large video.

In July 2016, ZTE completed the strategic acquisition of Zhuhai Guangtong Bus Co., Ltd. and incorporated ZTE Intelligent Vehicle in Zhuhai. In November 2016, ZTE intelligent car headquarters base in Zhuhai Jinwan foundation construction. ZTE cross-border layout of new energy vehicles, and sometimes become the industry's topic of concern.

Tian Feng introduced, ZTE intelligent car headquarters base covers an area of 1,200 acres, of which covers an area of 732 acres of a project, located in the Golden Bay Dingjiawan South since the end of the base construction has been in full swing, is now carrying out soft ground treatment The "In June next year, a will be put into operation, can be achieved in the production of new energy vehicles 10,000, new energy commercial vehicles 20,000 production capacity.

ZTE to the new energy vehicles can be called the extraordinary cross. Last year in December, ZTE Intelligent Vehicle Co., Ltd., Zhongxing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. jointly won the bid for Shenzhen West Bus Project, providing 204 8-meter pure electric buses and intelligent charging basic support services for each other.

Today, the new base of hot construction at the same time, ZTE completed the acquisition of the wide passenger bus production workshop, a pure electric bus is here to complete the assembly line. "At the end of this month, the 204 pure electric buses will be fully delivered." Tian Feng said.

Construction of world-class R & D center unmanned and so on in the Pearl of the first industrialization

"Looking at the country and the world, in the company name in the smart car before the word, we are the first." Tian Feng said that the smart car is the future direction of development of the car, and ZTE in 5G mobile communications, large data, wisdom City, car wireless charging, etc. have inherent advantages.

"ZTE has always attached great importance to research and development, the car will also be particularly emphasis on the development of this forum, which is ZTE intelligent car headquarters base second step strategic initiatives, that is, through the car network, automotive electronics, chips and other research and development in Zhuhai to build a world-class construction New energy automotive R & D center. "Tian Feng said.

As early as 2014, ZTE in the world's first to launch the world's leading new energy vehicle wireless charging technology, in the global automotive field sounded the horn of innovation. Tian Feng said, ZTE will promote the wireless charging technology in Zhuhai as soon as possible to complete the industrialization, and strive to be unmanned in Zhuhai to build a national and even the world's leading industrial projects.

The future, ZTE intelligent car headquarters base will build a new energy vehicles for the future and intelligent transportation integrated solutions. "We do not want to 'alone', but warmly invite everyone 'on our car', through the local government, universities, enterprises benign interaction, build smart car industry cluster, Zhuhai smart car industry ecology do a good job.

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