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The development of the automotive industry requires the diversity of industrial ecology

2017-09-28 17:13:58 ZTE SMART AUTO Website

At the end of the year, very lively.

Gree Dong Mingzhu shares Zhuhai Yinlong finally made car dream, but fell into the "90 after the shop is a national risk" public opinion controversy. Music as Zhejiang Moganshan car eco-factory on the 28th groundbreaking, heard Jia Yue Ting blocked in the Beijing Fifth Ring Road failed to attend the ceremony.


It is true that in 2016 the Chinese auto industry never lacks dreams and news. "Blizzard Audi", "national five standard", "pickup lifted", "fuel consumption fraud", "cheating scandal", "network car new regulations", "cancel second-hand car" limit " , "Unmanned", "cross-border into the wind" is listed as China's auto industry's top ten events ... good bad basket, China's auto industry is undergoing fundamental changes in the ecological environment.

In addition to these industry events, there is one thing worth remembering - 2016 winter, China's haze than snow. As the world's largest automobile production and consumption power, the car's growth of haze "contribution" has become the focus of social media public opinion. Fog shrouded, the mood of the complaint will be out of control spread, good bad, do all lie down.

From the beginning of 2015, the Internet companies popular to join the ranks of making cars, Google, Apple, music, Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei, etc. have shot. 2016 years, it is a variety of enterprises are beginning to enter the automotive industry: Hanergy Group to build solar power car; smart car excellent line launched singular car; Ranger car pure electric four-door sports car Ranger X high-profile release; The car will be built around the user electric super run; close to the people of Xiaopeng car is committed to the introduction of 100,000 yuan pure electric SUV ...

However, these events may be based on the flow of IP itself, and has not been successfully promoted to the annual automotive industry landmark event. On the contrary, Ms. Gree Dong Mingzhu, music as Jia Yaoting because of their own "net red entrepreneur" label in the car on the road every move has become the focus of media attention.

Ms. Gerry Dong Mingzhu to "let the world fell in love with China made" business feelings twists and turns, and ultimately pulled Wang Jianlin and other big success in the shares of Zhuhai Yinlong; music as Mr. Ya Yue Ting to build the ideal car into the capital chain crisis, On the road all the way running ... great "warrior broken wrist" style.

In this even different, Apple, Google, Baidu have announced that they have to abandon the car to turn unmanned, Alibaba chose to cooperate with SAIC development of Roewe, Huawei plans to repudiate the car plan.

2016 years, when the industry two styles to switch back and forth, indeed to the public to create a very busy appearance of the automotive industry, and with the end of the year, "ZTE smart car" official micro-text published the first domestic bid for the first recognition of " Events to focus on the outbreak. Media public opinion on a variety of interpretation: "a new round of car tide", "in the ascendant", "cross-border into the wind" ...


We have to admit, ZTE and Dong Mingzhu, Jia Yue Ting are unwavering to choose the cross-border car field! Its cross-border goals are the same, but the wind is not the same.

Although Zhuhai Yinlong lithium titanate battery technology has been controversial in the industry, Ms. Gree Dong Dongzhu cross-border, but in fact reflects China's outstanding manufacturing industry in the "Internet economy and the real economy," what is the right and wrong of the saw, in order to seek new Business growth breakthroughs made by the individual's greatest efforts.

Although the repairer was once widely questioned by the industry only to stay on the PPT, music as Mr. Ya Yue Ting cross-border, on behalf of China's outstanding Internet companies in the era of large data for the establishment of China's Internet ecology and business tentacles extended to more areas Strategic attempt.

ZTE's cross-border, it is based on its 2014 proposed all-in-one mobile Internet MICT strategy after the substantive layout of the smart car field. ZTE car logic is: "the car is with four wheels of the smart phone", it is possible that even the wheels do not need.

Obviously, from the technical level, ZTE cross-border will be more optimistic. Since the birth of the world's first car in 1886, the automotive industry from the initial complete mechanical car, to the chip and the operating system gradually imported, and now is the rapid rise of the intelligent network of cars, cars and communications, as the Internet economy and the real economy , Is from the different worlds are closer and closer, the same thing.

There are many ways to cross-border business, but the real drive of an industrial development, technology rather than capital. Compared to the century auto industry, IT industry is nearly 30 years to flourish, car networking, cloud computing, large data, VR, Pre 5G and other new formats triggered by the industry changes in the field of intelligent network vehicles beyond the traditional car prices Suppliers, illustrates the technological innovation on the great impact of industrial development.

The progress of an industry requires the diversity of industrial ecology, the need for enterprises to fully compete and full cooperation, the need for enterprises in the innovative way to explore the wrong test. Just as a big teacher in the reform of cadres to encourage the reform: "reform to dare to do, encourage exploration, allow trial and error, tolerance failure.

Whether it is Dong Mingzhu for the Chinese manufacturing representative of the Chinese real economy name, or Jia Yue Ting to clear the Internet industry chain to build a car ecology, or ZTE services future intelligent city intelligent network traffic, both cross-border, will be distracted. Dedicated to the dream of a hundred years of car manufacturing process to maintain awe, full use of new technologies, new thinking, new business model, firm in the future car field to do something, firm and capable, confident, willing to China "from the car Consumer power to the automotive industry power "to change their own contribution to a force.

[Reprinted from "Pioneer City Weekly"]

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