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ZTE successful bid for Shenzhen West Bus 204 pure electric bus orders

2017-09-28 16:47:26 ZTE SMART AUTO Website

December 7, ZTE won the bid for the western Shenzhen public transport orders, ZTE Intelligent Vehicle Co., Ltd. will provide Shenzhen West Bus Co., Ltd. 204 8-meter pure electric bus. The face of Shenzhen BYD and many other new energy vehicles leading enterprises, ZTE smart car ushered in the first battle of the market victory!


Western bus as one of the three major bus companies in Shenzhen, has been committed to the people of Shenzhen to provide safe and comfortable bus travel services. The completion of the 204 pure electric bus orders, marking the ZTE smart car with the western bus to establish an innovative cooperative mode of operation will promote the Shenzhen wisdom city traffic construction play an exemplary role.


In 2016, China's new energy automotive industry to achieve rapid growth, new energy vehicle production is expected to account for 40% of the world, the emergence of BYD, Yutong, Jinlong, Yinlong and other outstanding new energy automotive companies. In the face of the rise of the industry cluster, the market situation intensified, ZTE smart car will stand in the industry a higher starting point, relying on ZTE's strong information and communication research and development capabilities, the world's leading automotive wireless charging core technology, integrated channel quality resources, Industry exchanges and cooperation, continue to expand its leading factory in the vehicle manufacturing advantages, for the global city based on the Internet of things and 5G communications technology, intelligent traffic as a whole solution and services.

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