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ZTE founder Hou Weigui met with Guangdong Transportation Chairman Song Zhongmin

2017-09-28 16:59:08 ZTE SMART AUTO Website


Figure: Luzong Min and Hou Guigui talks

Recently, Guangdong Guangdong Transportation Co., Ltd. party secretary, chairman of the party and his party visited ZTE Group headquarters, and with the founder of ZTE Hou Weigui, ZTE senior vice president of ZTE intelligent car chairman Chen Jie, ZTE intelligent car president Jiang Daiwei The exchange of talks. The two sides around the Guangdong Yun and ZTE on the wisdom of urban traffic travel services, to strengthen high-level interaction, the establishment of mutual trust and win-win cooperation basis, in-depth exchange of views.


Figure: Nong Zongmin talks with Jiang Dewei

It is reported that Guangdong Guangdong Transportation Co., Ltd. was established in December 1999, in October 2005 listed on the Hong Kong Main Board H shares. At present, Guangdong transportation is actively building "3 +1 +1" business development system. Modern wisdom and communication information and technology integration is closely linked, Guangdong and ZTE both attach great importance to and appreciate each other in the field of intelligent traffic forward layout, I believe the two sides in this area will deepen mutual understanding and establish a more extensive exchanges and cooperation.

During the period, the chairman of the line and chairman of the line with the Zhongxing Intelligent Automobile CEO Jiang Daiwei and other executives talks, the two sides on the Guangdong traffic and ZTE smart car in the new energy vehicles and operational services to establish in-depth cooperation in exchange of views. Heyuan City, Guangdong Yun Motor Transport Co., Ltd. party secretary, chairman Wang Lun to participate in the talks.

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