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North of Guangshen and then the next city! ZTE smart car successfully entered the Guangzhou market

2017-09-28 16:43:16 ZTE SMART AUTO Website

Recently, ZTE intelligent car gains 50 pure electric road passenger bus orders, marking the success of ZTE smart car into the Guangzhou market. At this point, north of Guangshen first-line city map we have accounted for half of the country!


GTZ6112BEV Pure electric group tourist bus  

In addition, following the successful delivery of 204 pure electric buses in the western public transport, the Shenzhen market will be re-reported, and ZTE's smart car will deliver 35 8.2 meters pure electric bus to Shenzhen Henggang Motor Transport Company.


  GTZ6819BEVB Pure electric city bus 

The company focused on the new energy city bus bus, group travel bus, commuter vehicles, special vehicles and other products research and development, all aluminum body technology industry leader, has with the Hong Kong Strap, the British ADL and many other bus companies to establish a strategic cooperation, Models of products exported to more than 30 countries and regions.


  GTZ6810BEV Pure electric group tourist bus  


  GTZ6859BEVB Pure electric city bus  

Adhering to the "smart car Zhizhi future" corporate vision, we focus on the body assembly lightweight, power assembly electric, driving experience intelligent network of three major product innovation direction, adhere to the "green, energy saving, security, intelligence" Product development concept, integrated new energy vehicle research and development, communication information technology, car networking technology advantages, relying on ZTE communications around the world 107 branches, more than 160 countries and regions of the brand influence, committed to the global city to provide quality bus , Intelligent transportation integrated solutions and services.

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